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MDS Worldwide provides armed and unarmed security teams onboard vessels transiting the areas such as the GOA and Malacca straights.

MDS Worldwide has an extensive database of security professionals all of which are experienced in the close protection and hostile environment. MDS Worldwide provides individual PPO’s as well as CP teams to those persons requiring a smaller more personal level of security.  All our PPO’s have the same background as the CP teams being either ex UK SF or having had many years working as a PPO in a hostile environment.  

MDS Worldwide are also the only authorised training centre for the public safety diver qualification in Europe. This means that if required we can ensure your PPO is certified to carry out diving duties where he can be an effective rescue diver, security officer and dive supervisor.

MDS Worldwide provides some of the best training in the world for hostile environment CP duties.

MDS Worldwide security teams will provide a visible deterrent to pirates and provide specialist, highly trained personnel to focus on vessel security. With relatively short notice we can deploy to any country or hostile environment our own forward communications officer with full VHF, HF and sat com capability.  

Our specialists can set up ops rooms, carry out vehicle fits, install ships communications devices such as marine radios and AIS systems and equip and train personnel to meet almost any communications demands.



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Marine Defence Services Worldwide prides itself on offering the right services, for the right environment, in the right location - anywhere in the world